What makes a good story? How do you create one? Through an exploration of core acting principles, improv and writing exercises, students will learn to construct a script for a compelling scene and present it in a script-in-hand performance. Students will be divided into working groups to explore playing the given circumstances, building scenarios with conflicts, and exploring the creation of dialogue. As stories are created, the students will review scripts and get up on their feet to explore the playing of the script. Throughout this class, each group will continue to edit and refine the script for their scenes and perform them for an audience during the last portion of the class.

Come sing your favorite songs from Hamilton! As a group, a few pieces that encompass key moments in the story will be discussed, learned, and performed on the final day. How do the characters and their journeys change and how do the vocals help tell the story? What are the different singing techniques needed to be able to sing these songs? Over this five week class, students will learn elements of singing, storytelling, and performance and have a ton of fun together!

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